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Short Story is published in the Fall and Spring. It is a joint publication of the University of Texas at Brownsville, the State University of New York-Oneonta, and Claflin University, located in Orangeburg, South Carolina.

The Editors solicit manuscripts on every aspect of the short story, particularly those with a theoretical basis, as well as previously unpublished short stories, short stories in translation, book reviews, and interviews.

Opinions expressed are those of the authors alone and should not be attributed to the editors, to personnel of any of the universities, or to any other person.

A Note From the Executive Editor

I have only one copy of that first issue of Short Story that I keep carefully shelved near my desk where I can lift my eyes and prove its existence. The issue contains stories by Thomas E. Kennedy, Pamela Painter, Mark Spencer, Victor Walter, and W.D. Wetherell. At my invitation, five of the most important short story theorists- Norman Friedman, John Gerlach, Susan Lohafer, Charles E. May, and Ian Reid- contributed original essays. Book reviews by Alice Daya, Robert M. Luscher, and E.P. Walkiewicz complete the volume. Funds for the first issue were provided by Ia Hasan, now Assistant Vice-President for Academic Affairs at Claflin University.

Since that time Short Story has gained the support of several institutions, beginning with the University of Northern Iowa and, at different times, the University of New Orleans, SUNY at Oneonta, Claflin University (formerly Claflin College), and through the whole ten years, the University of Texas at Brownsville, where Farhat Iftekharuddin, first as Managing Editor and currently as Editor has shepherded the whole operation.

There are several other journals devoted to the short story, but they concentrate on what may loosely be termed the “creative” or the “analytic,” stories or criticism, but not both. Still there has always been a close connection between the author and the critic of short stories, indeed often an affection. Many short story writers are adept critics and scholars, and many who identify themselves chiefly as academics also write short stories. Our thinking for this first issue was to put together a journal that reflected the syncretic interests of readers and writers and, though the first issue contained no interviews, publishing them was a part of the total conception and was quickly realized. I hope someday we will be in a position to reprint this first issue so it will have a wider distribution.


Executive Editor
Mary Rohrberger

Farhat Iftekharrudin

Associate Editors
Zia Hassan
Pat Meanor

Assistant Editors
Melissa A. Cantu
Linda Hill
Joseph Jamar
Peggy S. Ratcliff
Robert Sledd

Fiction Editors
Dennis Bormann
Robert F. Gish
James Hannah
Charlotte Walker
Robert Campbell
Gwen Crane
Rick Feddersen
Greg Garrett
Robert Luscher
Wayne Scott
Hilary Siebert

Book Review Editors
Barbara Anderson
Charles Dameron
James Devlin
Barbara McIver
Tim Struthers

Cover Design
Ellen Burton Harrington
Background Text by Charles Dameron

Jaie Claudet
Paula Morell

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