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Summer/Fall 1991
Volume 2 No. 1

Table of Contents


The Woman Who Loved Dogs
Karen Blomain

Telling the Future by the Stars
Sandra Christenson

Unexplained Lights
Patricia O'Donnell

Sweet Science
Stephen O'Brien


Afterword: O'Brien in America
Stuart Levine

Short Stories Don't Sell: British Short Story Collections, 1919-1939
Dean Baldwin

Structuring Short Season
Jerome Klinkowitz

Thurber's "Catbird Seat": The Fable of a Sheep in Wolf's Clothing
Eli Merchant

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Review of Interim in the Desert
Robert F. Gish

Jerome Klinkowitz's Short Season and Other Stories
Robert Luscher

Susan Lohafer and Jo Ellyn Clarey's Short Story Theory at a Crossroads
Ruth Weston

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