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Winter/Spring 1991
Volume 1 No. 2

Table of Contents


In Desert
Opal Moore

The World's on Fire
Roland Sodowsky

The Art of Flying
Ronald Wallace

Ronald Wallace

Case History
Ronald Wallace

Science Fiction
Ronald Wallace

The Unvanquished
Steve Watkins

The Bed at the Edge of the World
Keith White


Reading Short Story: Cain & Abel and the Couching Beast
Dan Burns

Voice and Language in Cather's "Obscure Destinies"
Evelyn E. Fracasso

Climax in the Short Story: Eudora Welty's "Curtain of Green"
John Gerlach

The Optimist in Hawthorne's Shadow: Eudora Welty's Gothic and Lyric Technique
Ruth D. Weston


Ewing Campbell's Piranesi's Dream
James Hannah

The Best American Short Stories of 1990
Kurt Hochenauer

Cartographies: Sonenberg's Fractals
Alice Swensen

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