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Spring 1998
NS Volume 6 No. 1

Table of Contents


The Barge of the Mutinous
Ewing Campbell

Picnicking at the Black Lagoon
A.B. Emrys

Larry D. Griffin

Swim to California
Sara Held

The Iranian Cigarette
Antonio Planells

End of the Line
Rod Rayborne

A Toast to Daisy
Max Westbrook

The Sound of Apples Falling
Keith White


"The Jewbird": Bernard Malamud's Experiment with Magical Realism
Begona Sio-Castineira

Toward "Bartleby, the Scrivener": Negotiating the Maze
T.A. Sandberg

Did We Both Read the Same Story? Interpreting Cultural Contexts from Oral Discourses Within the American Short Story
Hilary Siebert


Review of Alice Munro's Open Secrets
John Streamas

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