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Spring 1996
NS Volume 4 No. 1

Table of Contents


Heather L. Hirschi

Dragons in East Texas
Frances Hunter

Nights of Grace
Jenna Ivers

Crocodile Dreaming: An Enigma
Reg Johanson

A Range of Possibilities
Mark Johnston

A Summer Day in '73
Ronny Noor

Getting Serious
Layle Silbert

Finish Man
Ed Weyhing

Over the Hill
Jerry Wilson


The "Homely," the "Wild," and the Horror of "Mere Household Events": The Aristotelian Poe-etics of "The Black Cat."
Richard Clark

Caliban, Exiled and Returned: The Search for The Self In The West Indian Short-Story
Maurice A. Lee

John Barth's "Petition" as Microcosm
Terry J. Martin

Writing Degree Zero: Myth's War With History in Composite Novels of Coover, Barth, Gass, and Barthelme
Wayne B. Stengel


Review of Elizabeth Searle's My Body to You
Cheryl Clements

Review of Daniel Lyons' The Last Good Man
Peter Donahue

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