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Spring 1995
NS Volume 3 No. 1

Table of Contents


The Art of Burning Bridges
Jeanne Alaska Bernard

Lipstick Lesbian
Tami Davidson

The View From Telegraph Hill
Annie Dawid

David Jauss

Finding Bethel
E.J. Morris

The Causes of the Revolution
Judith Slater

Living Room
Allan Weiss


A Good Trickster is Hard to Find: A Refiguring of Flannery O'Connor
Michelle Pagni Stewart

The Body Politic in Margaret Atwood's "True Trash"
Dianna Vipond


Review of Evelyn E. Fracasson's Edith Wharton's Prisoners of Consciousness: A Study of Theme and Technique in the Tales
Phyllis McBride
Review of Ewing Cambell's Raymond Carver: Study of the Short Fiction
Hilary Siebert


An Interview with Barry Hannah
Scott Cawelti

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