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Spring 1993
NS Volume 1 No. 1

Table of Contents


W.D. Blackmon

A Visit to Portugal
Nicolette de Csipkay

Song of Miriam
Cynthia Hickman

The Matter of These Hours
Paul Rawlins

The Lonely Seat
Mary Helen Stefaniak


Mothering Our "Dream Children" from Gail Godwin
Deborah Kuhlman

"The Running Mate" as Narrative
Nelson Sager

"The Kicking Twelfth" Stephen Crane's Demythologized Dramatization of War and Heroism
Mary Neff Shaw


Roxana Robinson's A Glimpse of Scarlet and Other Stories
Charles Dameron


Interview with Robley Wilson
Carolyn Hardesty

Interview with John Barth
Roland Sodowsky

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