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Fall 2000
NS Volume 8 No. 2

Table of Contents


Fire Road
Donald Anderson

Girls' Night Out
Kate Flaherty

The Gaps in the Storm
Dave Hoing

Janet Kieffer

Anthony's Hands
CS Perryess

Happy New Year
Steve Price

The Finger Monkey
Fernand Roqueplan

The Swimming Pool
Minoli Salgado

The Last Weekend Before the Fall
Keith D. White

The Cougar at the Wall
James C. Work


His Journey Westward: Gabriel's Ambiguous Epiphany in "The Dead"
Blake Baily

Echoes of Slammed Doors: Resonant Closure in Raymond Carver's Fiction
Jack B. Bedell and Norman German

Assimilation Versus Celebration in James McPherson's "The Story of the Dead Man" and Jame's Baldwin's "Sonny Blues"
Laurie Champion


Review of The Best American Short Stories of the Century
Sally Bishop Shigley

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